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It's Not Your Fault You Have Anxious Attachment

The amount of time you spend assassinating your own character for habits and behaviors that come from anxious attachment could be so much better spent practicing self-compassion and grace.

It is not your fault that you have an anxious attachment style.

Signs of anxious attachment:

👉 you constantly seek validation and reassurance

👉 you’re harder on yourself than you should be

👉 you’re a perfectionist

👉 you think you must achieve in order to be worthy of love

👉 you have excessive worry about whether your partner is going to leave/reject you

👉 you spend a ridiculous amount of time replaying conversations in your head that you had with your partner

While these behaviors can be a nuisance, here’s the good news: you also have these qualities too!

👉 you’re good in bed

👉 you’re highly attuned to your partner

👉 you’re highly emotionally intelligent

👉 you’re self-aware

👉 you’re growth-oriented

👉 you’re highly attuned to your partner and know how to be there for them

Having anxious attachment isn’t all bad. Loving all of the parts of you means loving ALL of the parts! ❤️‍🩹

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