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     Note: Time in each phase will vary from client to the client.  Treatment is complete when you feel complete.  We go at a pace that YOU feel comfortable with.


  • You gain trust with your therapist and ease into the process

  • We gather information about what's going in with you more in depth at a pace that feels comfortable for you

  • Create trust and safety before digging into deeper issues 

  • Develop a treatment plan with crystal clear goals and determine an approximate time in treatment (most clients make substantial progress in 3 months)


  • Start exploring the issues more in depth

  • Learn coping strategies to practice in between sessions

  • Develop strengths and resources to guide your progress

  • Session structure - it's not uncommon to not know what to talk about or where to start from one week to the next.  Don't worry!  This is when we refer back to the treatment plan to guide the session.  Your therapist may also have some ideas but remember YOU are always in the driver seat!


  • Congratulations!  Your hard work has paid off and you now feel more calm, peaceful, and have the confidence to handle things more on your own

  • Sessions are used to check in, troubleshoot any problems you're having, and provide accountability for your progress  

  • Most clients attend monthly to maintain the rewards of their hard work.  Others discharge and return when they feel they need more support. 


90 Minutes Initial Assessment (First Session) 

We know that therapy can be a scary process in the beginning.  That's why we try to make it as easy on you as possible.  This is our time to get to know one another and for you to determine if this therapeutic approach is for you.  We ease into the process to make sure you're comfortable.  Then, we put together a tailor-made treatment plan just for you and your needs.  At the end of this session, you will then be asked to commit to the remainder of the program or we can go our separate ways, no judgment and no hard feelings!

1/2 Day Intensive (1 hour therapist prep + 4 hour session)

Don't have time in your busy schedule to come weekly?  Would you rather just rip the band-aid off and jump in with both feet?  We basically do mostly what you would do if you came weekly but on steroids!  

Ask your therapist to see if you qualify for our 1/2 and full day intensives.

50 Minute Individual Sessions 

All remaining sessions after the initial evaluation (occur weekly for the first 8 weeks, bi-weekly weeks 9-12, then as often you see fit).

Full Day Intensive - (1 hour therapist prep + 8 hour session)

THE BIG KAHUNA!  Are you ready to dig in like you never have before?  Are you ready to let go of pent up traumatic energy you've been carrying for your years?  This full day intensive will allow you to enjoy one-on-one attention with a professional therapist without interruption.  Must qualify.

90 Minute Couple or Family Session 

We welcome anyone to join us during your therapeutic process that might enhance your fact, we encourage it!  However, this will require a somewhat different approach.  To accommodate for additional needs, longer sessions are required and typically occur bi-weekly.


Blue Sage Counseling and Wellness is considered out-of-network with all insurance panels.  HSA and FSA accepted.

Upon request, we can provide you with a billing statement to be submitted and applied to your out-of-network benefits.  You also may be eligible for reimbursement.


Contact the 800 customer service number on the back of your insurance card for Behavioral Health to verify your benefits as well as rate of reimbursement.

HSA and FSA accounts are accepted forms of payment.  Check to make sure behavioral health services are covered by your HSA or FSA.

Payment is also accepted in the form of cash, check or credit card and is due at the beginning of each session.  Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are also accepted 


Holistic psychotherapy is a mental health approach that focuses on the whole individual - mind, body, and spirit.  According to holistic therapy, the source of your problems runs much deeper than what appears on the surface.  During your initial assessment, we spend a precarious amount of time getting to know you, your specific needs, and develop a personally tailored treatment plan that targets your particular problems. 


We look at everything - diet, exercise, relationships, finances, spirituality, family dynamics, etc.  Literally weeks and months can be wasted in therapy when you're not working on the root of the problem simply because the approach is not designed to identify it nor are techniques designed to properly treat it. 


Clients seek holistic therapy when they are: 1) ready to explore their problems on a deeper level, 2) are committed to do work both in and out of session, and 3) they're ready to break dysfunctional patterns once and for all!


You've been wanting to do therapy for a long time and you know you're overdue.  Now is the time to take your power back and reclaim your God-given right to be mentally and emotionally healthy!


The short answer is for as short as possible and as long as it takes. While no two clients are exactly alike, most clients are able to achieve desired results in as little as 2-3 months (exceptions do apply). 


Treatment is complete when: 1) the root of the problem(s) has been identified, 2) your suffering no longer gets in the way of participating in everyday activities, and 3) you feel at peace


If you're new to therapy, not sure about holistic therapy, or you're still just browsing no worries!  

Check out these Top 3 reasons clients choose us:

1) You've felt disconnected from your spirituality for a while and you're ready to get back on a path that connects you to your purpose and life's calling.   

2) Our highly efficient, action-oriented approach (as opposed to just talking) is specifically designed to get you feeling better and back to your life as soon as possible.  You could be (or may already have) thrown your money away on unhelpful therapy that either didn't help or made things worse.  It's time to make an investment in yourself that works!

3) You feel like others don't quite understand what it's like to live life as an empath and the one-size-fits-all just leaves you feeling guilty for never measuring up.  Here at BSCW we understand that your nervous system is wired differently and therefore you have different needs.  Learn exactly what to do to protect your energy and take pride in being sensitive. 

So what do you have to lose?  Get started today!

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