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An intensive is a 1-4 day therapeutic experience that is facilitated by a mental health professional and co-created with you, the participant, to meet your needs.  This experience is designed to be done as an individual, coupleship, friendship (yep, friends come to therapy too), or family as an opportunity to do a deep look into issues that have been problematic or traumatic.

Think of an intensive as an extended session lasting for a one to a few days as opposed to attending therapy for months...or even years!

It's been said that a 4 day intensive is the equivalent to 6 months in therapy!

Indvidual Intensive

An individual intensive is designed to help you look at what gets in your way and put it under the magnifying glass.  Working with a seasoned mental health therapist in a one-on-one capacity has the ability to help you reach depths perhaps you never have and actually release pent up traumatic energy once and for all.  Bust your roadblocks wide open and start getting on a path towards your life's full potential.  An individual intensive can help you improve self-esteem, increase self-confidence, unblock reasons for self-sabotage, and face imposter syndrome head on.


Couples Intensive

When the honeymoon period wears off and you're both staring at each other thinking "who is this person that I married?" it might be time for a couples intensive.  Couples therapy week after week can feel grueling, especially if the issues have been there for a long time.  You want to just dig in and deal with the big issues already! A couples intensive focuses on things such as communication issues, how to set effective boundaries, intimacy problems, financial disagreements, issues with kids, issues with in-laws, creating emotional safety, how to fight fair, and how to connect with your partner on a deeper, more connected level.

I've heard couples say "I learned more about my spouse in a single intensive than I had the entire time we've been married!"


Family Intensive

Some of the hardest dynamics to change are family dynamics...and for good reason!  Many family dynamics crave remaining the same as this is how the dynamic maintains power over its members and deters anyone from leaving.  If a family member dares to leave the pack and learn new skills to help themselves, the crab effect kicks in - put crabs in a bowl and anytime one of them reaches the top and tries to get out, the other crabs begin to pull it back down.  Yep, even with good intentions this happens in families too.  A family intensive is designed to explore how these dynamics were created, how they are showing up today, and how to change them so that family relationships can be different going forward.  You can have as many family members attend as you would like for the same price.


Friendship Intensive

Conflicts among friends is one of the most common issues I see in my practice but it is one of the most underrepresented issues that doesn't get the air time it deserves!  Whether you've been stewing for years and need a healthy, safe environment to broach difficult issues with a friend or you've had a huge blow up and don't know how to resolve it, a friendship intensive can be just what you need.  A friendship intensive will help you learn how to name what you are feeling, communicate in a way that your friend will actually hear you and you will be heard, learn new ways to resolve conflict, and establish a process to help keep each other accountable to stay on track.  You can include as many friends as you would like and it is the same price.

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