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Creating the Foundation

Sessions 1-3

The first two to three sessions are focused on gathering as much info as possible with where you're currently at.  We also create a crystal clear treatment, plan, and identify your inherent strengths and resources.  We also focus on skill building, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and emotional self-regulation to get you prepared for the deeper work.

You do not need to commit to the full program until the end of your first session.


The Working Phase

Sessions 4-8

During the working phase, we do a deep dive into your relationship with your past and learn how false narratives were developed that are now driving your present negative behavior.  We engage in hands-on exercises that enable you to release pent up traumatic energy and make room for functional, healthy behaviors.  You'll also learn some tools to practice in between session to help you stay accountable.  This goes waaaaay beyond just talking ya'll!


The Maintenance Phase

Sessions 9-12

 Sessions are reduced to bi-weekly to give you time to practice skills between sessions.  From here, it is a matter of continuing to practice what you have learned and troubleshoot with your therapist.  You also continue to be held accountable to your goals and are offered some course correction. 

At the end of this phase, some clients discontinue while others reduce visits to every 4-6 weeks ongoingly.

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