Our Mission & Values

Holistic Psychotherapy in Charlotte, NC

Our mission is to enrich and save lives by empowering people to be heard and understood and accepting of self and others.

Blue Sage Counseling and Wellness's vision is to end human suffering through connection with others.

At Blue Sage Counseling and Wellness, we structure our services and practice around the following values:


1) Compassion - each human is deserving of a sense of belonging and acceptance

a) all are treated with dignity

b) healing is a collective effort


2) Character - uphold a just, personal moral code

a) integrity -  independently trustworthy and disciplined

b) intuition - decisions are based on both skill and gut


3) Commitment - consistently and actively pursue lifelong learning

a) education of the mind

b) education of the self


4) Community - healing and health is established and maintained through relationship

a) multiple sources of support are necessary

b) lifelong balance of giving and taking


5) Congruity - while we only serve some, we offer help to everyone

a) work only in your area of competence

b) provide alternative resources to those outside of your scope


Mission & Vision

We hope you learned a little more about who we are and what we stand for at Blue Sage Counseling and Wellness in Charlotte, NC. If our mission, vision, and values speak to you, click the button below to book a free consultation with Ashley

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