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The key to emotional health, for me, was learning the importance of putting myself first then those around me.  I learned the tools that it took to get the joy and purpose back in my life and I learned that it couldn't be done alone.


With nearly fifteen of experience, I have learned that the formula to getting healthy can be really quite simple; however, it is certainly not easy.  Achieving and maintaining health is rarely due to lack of trying but rather knowing the right things to do that really help.


Licensed Therapist, MS, LMFT, RP

You are not living life to its fullest (but you’re here because you know you can)


When you choose Blue Sage Counseling and Wellness not only will you have the convenience of starting your therapeutic journey within a couple of weeks but you’ll get to experience therapy the way it is actually intended. 


You’ll work with a trusted, experienced therapist who isn’t afraid to challenge you while also helping you feel supported and understood.


Here’s the secret no one is telling you about how to have a successful therapeutic experience - the magic is in the perspective shift.  When you are able to see your thoughts and behaviors in a way that you never have this is what leads to your life beginning to change in big, profound ways.


With an exceptional therapist, this shift tends to happen quickly which leads you to living your new, happier life sooner.  You’ll see life though eyes that are more hopeful, positive, and full of possibilities.


Relationships feel balanced, intimacy no longer scares you, and you’re making decisions that propel your life forward instead of staying stuck. 


You feel more clear and settled on your career path and comfortable in your own skin.  You’re not afraid to take risks and you trust that you’re capable of so much more.


Your new perspective saves you hundreds of painstaking hours of trying to solve your problems with solutions that don’t work.


A few months of exceptional, effective, and empowered therapy can result in living the life that you actually want for years to come.


Over the past 15 years, I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on education, therapy, coaching, and various leadership and development programs.  


During your therapeutic journey, I share with you the results of what I’ve learned that I have shed blood and sweat to earn.

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