Licensed Therapist, Charlotte, NC

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  You're ready to do what it takes to get your life back.  Living this way is no longer an option and you're motivated to figure out how to fix it...for good! 

You've talked it through many times and just can't seem to find a solution that sticks.  Deep down you know that you are capable and deserving of more and can have a purposeful life but you just don't seem to know how to get there.

Why I became a therapist:

As a fellow sufferer of depression and anxiety, I know how devastating these feelings can be and just how much they can take.  I've been on several medications to control these feelings and was morbidly obese at a young age. However, I learned the importance of never giving up. 

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Before, I would rather take on the pain myself than allow another to hurt.  However, I learned the importance of putting myself first then those around me.  I learned the tools that it took to get the joy and purpose back in my life and I learned that it couldn't be done alone. 

With nearly a decade of experience, I have learned that the formula to getting healthy can be really quite simple; however, it is certainly not easy.  Achieving and maintaining health is rarely due to lack of trying but rather knowing the right things to do that really help.

It’s time for you to learn what to do to get the joy and purpose back in your life.

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