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Therapy for Depression Symptoms

A holistic, depression counselor in Charlotte, NC. Psychotherapy counseling services can help you get unstuck and reclaim your life.

Some days it's difficult just to get out of bed.  The zest for life that you once felt is no longer there and you try desperately to find it again. You may even find yourself relying on alcohol, food, or substances to numb the hurt but the relief is only temporary.  You might even seek help from friends, family, or other health professionals to manage the depression but you just can’t seem to find relief from sadness.  Each day can feel like an eternity when all you want to do is curl up at home and shut yourself away from the world.

Symptoms of depression include:

  • Difficulty in your relationships

  • Trouble focusing

  • Low energy

  • Loss of interest in things that were once important to you

  • Sleep issues

  • Changes in diet

  • A sense of hopelessness or feeling as if things will never get better.

When depressed, you might find yourself thinking:

  • “I feel like I'm trapped in my own mind and I just want to be happy again.”

  • “I can't even fake being happy anymore. It’s exhausting!”

  • “No one seems to understand - they just keep telling me to stop wallowing, pull myself up by my bootstraps, and get on with my life.  It is just not that easy.”

  • “I feel sad but not about anything in particular.”

Depression can come from a few different places: it can be something you are born with, as a result of a negative life event(s), or a combination of the two. Regardless of where it came from, it is not your fault and things can get better.

How can depression therapy help?

During depression treatment, it has been found that clients often tend to lack a sense of purpose in their lives or may have had it before but have now lost it. Blue Sage Counseling and Wellness utilizes a depression treatment approach known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a method that was created to specifically treat mental health symptoms such as depression and anxiety. CBT considers how your thoughts, feelings, and actions influence one another and offers to explain how and why false beliefs continue.

Using CBT, depression treatment will help you:

  • Discover the root of your sadness by identifying when and how your sense of joy left. We explore painful past events as well as harmful relationships that may have contributed to the depression. Oftentimes clients are able to identify patterns that tend to repeat themselves throughout their lives.

  • Identify ways to get your sleep and diet back on track to begin feeling better now.

  • Use mindfulness techniques to increase your awareness of your thoughts and feelings and how they might be contributing to and repeating negative thought patterns. These techniques also help you to reconnect with your true nature and get the joy and purpose back in your life.

At the end of your depression treatment, you will be able to identify negative thought patterns and practice your newly learned skills to be able to handle whatever life throws at you well after depression therapy has ended.

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