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This is what happens when you keep going back [when you know you shouldn't]



That boomerang relationship you’re in isn’t going to give you the love and connection you want. 

It will, however:

  • Make you lose sleep

  •  Weaken your immune system

  • Give you brain fog

  •  Increase stress

  • Annihilate your self-confidence

  • Traumatize you

  • Make you feel unworthy

  • Make you bitter and cynical

  • Inhibit you from healing your attachment wounds

You know they’re not good for you but you keep going back. 

And every time you do, it feels like you’re dying inside just a little more…

Because you know you’re abandoning yourself

Staying in a relationship with someone who only wants you on their terms is like dating a slot machine.

Your nervous system gets all revved up, you get a dopamine hit every time you hear from them then it’s right back to depression, and you keep going back because you know that it’s just a matter of time before you can “win” their affection again.

Only for it to be taken away…again.

Stop doing this to yourself. 

You deserve more

You deserve better

You deserve someone who is consistent, considerate, and isn’t a part-time partner.

Need help breaking out of this cycle?  Book a call and see if we're a good fit.

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