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The difference of a private pay therapy practice...

You’re at the end of your rope and you FINALLY decided to talk to someone.

As if that process wasn’t painstaking enough, you quickly learn that the process to find an experienced therapist who is actually available is turning out to be more traumatizing than what you’re going through!

I hear you…it’s Frustrating with a capital “F!”

All of the therapist profiles look alike and they all keep talking about these three letter strategies like CBT, DBT, IFS, or EFT and you feel totally lost.

You just want help and you don’t want to have to jump though so many hoops to get it.

MYTH: the only way I can do therapy is if I use my insurance.

FACT: not only do cash pay therapy practices exist but you can typically start therapy within the same month and get better results in less the time

What sets Blue Sage Counseling and Wellness apart from other practices:

✨ Your therapist has nearly 15 years of experience so there is nothing that is going to shock her

✨ You can start therapy typically within 2 weeks

✨ Your therapist has the emotional bandwidth to take you deeper and get to the root of your issues sooner

✨Your relationship with your therapist is SOLID and you’ll actually want to come back to therapy again and again

✨ In the beginning, your therapist will spend 30 MINUTES WITH YOU FREE to see if it’s a good fit. If it’s not, there are no high pressure tactics to get you to sign up.

✨ When your therapist asks “does it feel like you’re making progress this week?” you’ll actually be able to say YES!

When my client asks if being a therapist helped me fix my own life I always respond with “no MY therapist helped me do that!”

If you’re still on fence, you do you but maybe you also do therapy.

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