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Just moved to, a therapist

The smell of cardboard has just barely been replaced with your favorite beach cottage candle.

The sounds of packing tape being stripped from their holsters are becoming a distant memory now and you’re finally starting to feel settled.

As if changing your address EVERYWHERE wasn’t annoying enough there’s still finding the best routes to work and hiding from the barrista at Starbucks hoping they won’t notice it’s your third visit this week.

Moving to a new city also brings a whole host of emotions. You’re nervous, excited, anxious, cautious, optimistic, and hopeful as you settle into “doing as the locals do.”

The social anxiety of having to make new friends and connections at work can be paralyzing.

Are they going to like to me?

Will they ask me for drinks after work?

What if they think I have ill intentions?

I can’t spend all of my free time with my partner. Are they going to think I’m needy?

Connecting with a trusted therapist shortly after moving to a new city is just the answer you were looking for. Working with an effective, experienced therapist can help you:

  • Cope with the stress of the transition

  • Process any unexpected emotions you didn’t anticipate before moving

  • Communicate effectively with your partner to avoid those blow ups when we feel out of sorts

  • Get focused on your career so you can make a good first impression that lasts

  • Establish a long-lasting healthy relationship with a therapist you can rely on for years to come

Finding a new therapist that you click with shouldn’t be as hard as finding that missing mid-century piece for that bare corner that still needs to be filled.

We’ve got you covered.

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