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Overburdened by overthinking? Try this!

Feeling like you have too much in your head can make you feel easily overwhelmed and this is what leads to analysis paralysis.

Before you know it, hours have gone by and you haven't gotten a fraction of what you set out to get done.

You think "what is wrong with me? Why can't I ever finish my to do list? I feel so inefficient!"

This can be VERY frustrating.

Symptoms of having too much in your head:

✨ Lose track/sense of time

✨ You’re making several to do lists

✨ You forget names, places, and events

✨ You replay parts of your day scanning for ways you made mistakes and ways you could’ve done things better

✨ Beat yourself up for not having done something sooner or better

Don't worry, I've got your back, here's how to get out of it:

1. Do a brain dump of all of the thoughts that are swirling around up there in an itemized fashion. Don’t worry about it making sense, just get it out. Limit yourself to no more than 6

2. Put a label next to each item that best characterizes the thought like “time management,” “planning,” “worrying”

3. Draw a bucket for each item

4. Write the name of the label on each bucket

5. Close your eyes and visualize each bucket with the labels on them

6. Take a few deep breaths and shift your attention into your body. Notice which buckets are naturally grabbing your attention and settle on one

7. This is the area that your subconscious feels is deserving of the most attention right now. Sit with the thoughts in this bucket for a few minutes then journal about what comes up.

What did you notice?

What insight did you get?

What might be one small step you could take to begin moving forward in this area?

For now, you will disregard the other buckets and come back to them later. There’s plenty of time to get to them all. Take your time.

SPOILER: you might even notice that doing work on one bucket automatically cleans up the contents in some of the other buckets

How did this go? What did you learn? Tell me in the comments.

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