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Masculine & Feminine Energies | How to Balance them in a Relationship

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Have you ever been told that you're too needy and sensitive? Perhaps too assertive and unrelatable?

Oftentimes the culprit for the problems in our relationships is that there is an imbalance between the type of energy we are bringing to the relationship compared to our partner.

This creates a breeding ground for fights and conflict and not to mention a whole world of confusion and frustration.

Energy, regardless of gender, is the emotional environment that we bring to situations and relationships that is largely categorized either by intuition and creativity or assertiveness and power.

Feminine energy is characterized by receiving and masculine energy is defined by giving.

If both partners are geared more towards one side of the coin, it creates a disruption in the natural order of things and leads to conflict.

There are 4 types of energetic "personalities" with which we can identify.

Excess Feminine

Deficient Feminine

Excess Masculine

Deficient Masculine

Once identified, we can then begin learning different ways to balance the energy out and minimize conflict and increase overall happiness.

In this video I teach you:

1) how to identify which energetic personality you are

2) the pros and cons of each energetic personality

3) what you can do create more balance based on your energetic personality type both for yourself and in you relationship

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