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As a fellow sufferer of depression and anxiety, I know how devastating these feelings can be and just how much they can take.  I've been on several medications to control these feelings, struggled with addiction, and was morbidly obese at a young age.

However, I have been able to get off all of my medications by adopting a holistic lifestyle that focuses on balancing all physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of my life.

While medications are necessary for some, it is my belief that psychotropic medications are entirely over prescribed and are administered in an effort to treat some conditions that can be treated naturally. In many cases, natural techniques should be explored first then medication should be a secondary option.


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Through a combination of a clean diet, consistent exercise, meditation, and quality mental health therapy, many mental health issues can be drastically improved. There is nothing that I prescribe to my clients that I have not at least vetted or practice myself.

Did you know that 90% of our serotonin (the feel good hormone) is in our gut??? If we are not observing good eating habits, we are missing the mark as it pertains to mental health.

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