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Online Therapy During Coronavirus COVID-19

It seems like just a few days ago the Coronavirus was just a moderate concern overseas but over the past few days it has become clear that this is quite the serious situation.

You scroll through your phone searching for the new hourly updates, discuss preparation tactics with friends and family, and you’re mostly bound to your house.

The uncertainty of these times has you scratching your head and wondering what is going to happen next and how much worse is it really going to get?

Your normal routine has been disrupted and yet you’re still finding ways to get the same tasks done in different ways; however, the inconvenience of it all is stressful and it’s taking a toll.

online therapy in charlotte, nc blue sage counseling and wellness

You start to question . . .

  • How long will I be at home with the kids and more importantly how long will I be able to keep my patience?! 

  • How long will I be working from home? 

  • How much income will I be missing out on? 

  • How long will I be quarantined? 

  • Am I doing enough? 

Self-care during COVID-19

At BSCW we understand that the health of you and your family is at the top of your list!


But this doesn’t mean that you have to fall to the bottom of that list! 

Self-care is [most] crucial during a time like this.  

If you’re like me, self-care has a tendency to somehow gradually move down the list when I get busy and stressed. I wind up feeling anxious and depressed and oftentimes things get worse before they get better. 

If there’s anything that I’ve learned over the past ten years of being a therapist, it’s that getting professional help is one of the best things I have done and do for myself. 

online therapy during COVID-19 blue sage counseling and wellness

You don't have to do it all alone.

Online Mental Health Counseling in Charlotte can help you:

  • Have a safe, non-judgmental space to express yourself freely while receiving helpful, unbiased feedback  

  • Receive professional, top-notch mental health treatment from the convenience of your home 

  • Feel secure in using a private and confidential online platform that’s never recorded nor shared 

  • Teach you how to cope with the anxiety and stress of dealing with the kids while they’re out of school 

  • Learn skills to manage the anxiety around loss of income 

  • Feel less isolated by connecting with a warm, empathetic professional 

  • Gain a sense of relief by developing an individualized, personally-tailored plan to help you cope with the uncertainty of the times 

blue sage counseling and wellness specializes in treating adults with anxiety, depression, and who have experienced trauma

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Blue Sage Counseling and Wellness specializes in treating adolescents and adults for anxiety, depression, and trauma. We are unique in that we combine eastern and western approaches to mental health treatment by providing techniques designed to unite body, mind, and spirit.

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