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I Help Quiet, Deep-Thinkers Find The Confidence to be Themselves

You’re smart. Like, really smart. Asking for help is difficult enough but you find yourself feeling like Goldilocks trying to find the right mental health therapist who is juuuuust right for you.

You understand that therapy is an investment and you have no interest in wasting your valuable time, energy, and money…and neither do I!

You’ve learned coping skills and you do a pretty good job managing everyday life on your own but lately you’ve hit a roadblock and you just don’t know how to get through it without some additional help.

You tend to concern yourself with the big questions and loathe superficial, small talk.

You can easily become bogged down by the overwhelming amount of negativity in the world and it leaves you feeling insignificant.

You have no interest in the cookie-cutter, mainstream and if one more person tells you to “just breathe” or “think positive” you’re going to scream!

If it were that simple, you would have fixed the problem already!

Ashley provides trauma & PTSD counseling, anxiety treatment & depression therapy. Holistic mental health services including Reiki in Charlotte, NC.

Are you….?

  • Having trouble saying “no” and setting boundaries without feeling like a bad person

  • Creative and/or artistic and find great relief and inspiration in your craft (although sometimes this can backfire)

  • Better in small groups

  • Sarcastic and can’t seem to roll your eyes loud enough at times

  • Directing blame inward because you don’t want to take the chance of hurting someone else (because apparently we’ve convinced ourselves that that’s how the world ends)

  • Accused of being “too sensitive” - you feel like you’re having to adjust to others’ expectations when rarely is it the other way around.

  • Feeling misunderstood, like an outcast, a rebel - someone who takes pride in being different but breaks down from time to time carrying that heavy load

  • Drawn toward or currently practice a naturalistic lifestyle and prefer not to use medication if it can be helped - you’d rather set a bug free than kill it!

You are in the right place

If any of the above sounded familiar, you are in the right place.

Now listen closely as I say this - there is nothing wrong with who you are. Your existence is not some cosmic joke. No, you were not sent here as an experiment of the universe to see just how much heartache and pain one human can possibly take!

My holistic approach to counseling is an excellent fit! Whether you are an introvert struggling with depression, a history of trauma, severe anxiety or struggling to adjust to he world around you; I can help!

You’re here for a reason.

I work best with introverts because I am an introvert. I learned how to thrive in a seemingly extrovert-dominated world. I’m able to offer both trusted, professional expertise as well as personal empathy.

Let me share these skills with you to enhance your already-present strengths to reconnect with your purpose and live a more meaningful life.

Counseling in Charlotte, NC with a trauma therapist specializing in Reiki, introverts, LGBT affirming, depression, anxiety & PTSD treatment.

Counseling will help you:

  • Identify the problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and help you to change your relationship with them

  • Take pride in who you are and stop apologizing for it

  • Identify and digest stuck, past memories that are keeping you from moving forward

  • How to express yourself firmly without compromising your gentle nature

Although your kindness often gets mistaken for weakness, you are strong. Your high sense of self-awareness and strong intuition are your superpowers - they just might be dormant right now.

It’s time to wake them up!

Connect with one of the best licensed therapists in Charlotte, NC - one who truly understands and accepts you just the way you are.

No more guessing which therapist is right for you, you found me and I’m excited to connect!

Voice-to-voice communication not your style?

No problem! I understand that talking on the phone can be difficult for some introverts so I’ve made it even easier to help you take that first step. I offer 24/7 online scheduling, an online client portal, and phone sessions (some exclusions do apply). Additionally, I will be offering online therapy around mid 2019.

Looking for additional information?

If you are a planner or an introvert, you may not be ready for begin therapy right away. Maybe you’re still in the informational gathering stage. No problem! Therapy is quite the commitment. As a therapist who loves to work with cautious introverts, I don’t want any introverts out there feeling left out (cuz we know how well we deal with rejection)! Even if you aren’t ready to make the leap of coming to your first counseling session, I want you to find something on my page to help improve your mental health.

Visit my weekly updated blog and start learning tips that you can start using today for free. I share a lot of great information about various mental health topics including depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, LGBT issues, spirituality, & overall mental wellness.

Also, join our email list. This way, you will stay up-to-date on all of the latest updates on the practice. You’ll receive the weekly blog directly to your inbox filled with mental health information & practical tips!

I encourage you to take a look around and if you like what you see, visit the client portal and book a free 15 minute phone consultation. I’ll answer all of your questions about counseling, Reiki or the difference my holistic approach to mental health can make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Your Counseling Office Located?

My office is located in the heart of SouthPark at the corner of Park Rd. and Selwyn Rd.

How Long Does Therapy Last?

The short answer - as short as possible and as long as it takes. Nobody wants to be in therapy forever and it’s important that you get what you need then get back to your life. Most committed clients begin to see results within the first month of beginning therapy. Many of my clients are ready to “graduate” from therapy within a few short months. Therapy is as unique as you are so please keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Do You Have Evening Counseling Appointments Available?

Yes! I have counseling appointments as late as 8pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and until 5pm on Fridays. Evening counseling appointments are high in demand and often book up weeks in advance. Book your free 15 minute phone consultation online now!

Do You Take Insurance for Mental Health Services?

Yes! I accept many Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans (except Blue Value and Blue Local). Click here for more info on fees and insurance.

Counseling for introverts, LGBT, women, depression, anxiety & trauma in Charlotte, NC. Reiki & holistic mental health services.


My experience with Ashley has been literally life changing. I was at the lowest point when I began seeing her. Through time, effort, communication, and tremendous support she helped me out of the darkness and back into the light. My life will forever be better for having spent time with her. Her warm, inviting and open spirit allowed me to open up to her easily. She’s fantastic!”
— JB
Ashley is a well-rounded professional offering a wide variety of options of care and alternative therapies. I would highly recommend Ashley’s counseling and wellness initiatives to anyone in search of insightful care and personalized counseling.
— CC

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