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Fees and Insurance

Blue Sage Counseling and Wellness is out-of-network with insurance.

However, some plans will reimburse you up to 60% and we’d be happy to accommodate (see below for our pricing and details)!

Frustrated that it seems like all of the best counselors in Charlotte are out-of-network?

We understand that it’s difficult - let us help you understand why.

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Mental Health Therapy Services in Charlotte, NC

Initial Mental Health Therapy Assessment (90 minutes) - an in-depth inventory of the problem(s), family history, and treatment planning $200 (one time only)

50 minute Individual Mental Health Therapy Session (including EMDR): $130

50 minute Family Mental Health Therapy Session (more than one person): $155

Wellness Services in Charlotte, NC

60 minute Reiki (energy healing) session: $120 Learn more about Reiki to treat anxiety & depression here

Our cancellation fee will occur if notice has not been given within 24 hours before your appointment, except in cases of emergencies.

Mental Health Insurance

Blue Sage Counseling and Wellness is considered out-of-network with all insurance panels.

Upon request, we can provide you with a billing statement to be submitted for reimbursement to be applied to your out-of-network benefits. Some insurance companies will reimburse up to 60%. 

HSA and FSA accounts are accepted as forms of payment  

Payment is also accepted in the form of cash, check or credit card and is due at the beginning of each session.  Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are also accepted 

The most common complaints I hear are that therapy costs too much, doesn’t seem to have a definitive end date, and you can’t tell if you’re making the type of progress that sticks.

Based on data I’ve gathered over the past ten years, 87% of clients see remarkable improvement within 3 months of therapy. Interestingly, it’s also been found that 67% are less motivated to work on goals and achieve less success if they are in therapy longer than 6 months

(Please note that certain conditions, such as complex PTSD, are an exception to this as these conditions typically take longer to treat).

Therapy shouldn’t be a waste of your time, energy, and resources, it should replenish them! I am committed to supporting you by teaching you the tools that you need, hold you accountable to your results, and let you get back to living your best life!